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Our Story -- About Proudland Landscape, LLC


Proudland Landscape, LLC has been designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes and lawns since 1997. Originally based in Dekalb County, Proudland is now based in Gwinnett County, and serves Gwinnett and the North and East Metro Atlanta areas.

We see ourselves primarily as Gardeners in the old-world sense of artisans and caretakers. We want to be your partner in developing and maintaining a beautiful, functional landscape.
To this end, we offer a complete package of services, or more accurately, a continuum of service from conception, to completion, to continuation.

Proudland Landscape is a full-service landscape services firm. We provide landscape design, design/build, installation, and maintenance services. Serving the Northeast Atlanta Metro area--We specialize in detailed landscapes, seeing ourselves as caretakers in the earth. Proudland Landscape has been providing landscape design, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance services in the Northeast Atlanta Metro area since 1997.

From design and consultation, to installation and construction, including hardscape, masonry, planting, irrigation and sprinklers, night and landscape lighting, to ongoing maintenance.


Understanding that each individual or company has specific requirements and purposes, we will sit down and talk with you--walk through your existing ideas, needs, future plans, resources available for maintenance, budget requirements, time tables--any relevant issues and develop a landscape plan that delivers to you the individual. (More . . .)

Outdoor Construction/Installation

With a plan in hand--one we developed, or one someone else developed--we can install your plant materials and turf grasses, along with your hardscapes, such as walkways, retaining walls and waterfeatures. For optimum results and effeciency the installation will be designed around necessary sequences of events and mother nature's time schedule. (More . . .)


We provide maintenance services for your new or existing landscape. Again, we see ourselves as caretakers. We will set up schedules for treatments, mowings, hedge trimming, annual color, mulches. We are your total maintenance source. You will benefit from not only the convenience of an integrated source, but the quality results that come when one hand knows what the other is doing. (More . . .)

Lawn maintenance programs are designed for long term health and vigor


A total landscape plan requires that plants not just get watered, but that they receive the amount and frequency of water, delivered in the fashion they require. Shaded sections of lawn should be treated differently than sections in open sun. Shrubs benefit from different delivery than grasses do.

Night Lighting

Additionally, when the sun goes down, your landscape is still there. You have guests at evening hours. You have security needs. We can increase the beauty, hours of enjoyment, safety, as well as the security of your home with a selective nightlighting scheme. (More . . .)