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Landscape & Lawn Maintenance

Lawn renovation

You can either do a more intense lawn renovation (if your lawn has badly deteriorated), or you can have some of the renovation components such as Aeration and Overseeding (for your regular maintenance program).  Lawns 50% or more deteriorated should consider complete replacement.

Renovation can replace deteriorated areas in your lawn with a new stand of dense, healthy turf. Seeding improved varieties into your existing lawn avoids the cost and expense of a complete replacement.
Renovation consists of a number of steps, some of which should be a part of your regular maintenance program.
  • Eliminate undesirable grass plants and weeds in your lawn.
  • Test your soil for pH and nutrient levels.  We will make adjustments as needed. Improper pH levels inhibit the grasses roots from efficiently absorbing nutrients from the soil
  • Cut the existing lawn to a low height to give room, time, and light to the new seedlings.
  • For that smooth fairway look, or if you want optimum nutrient levels, we can Topdress and/or Sand your lawn at this point
  • Aerate and Overseed your lawn. We will specially mulch areas as needed.
  • We will apply a fertilzer to provide a strong, healthy for your grass.
  • The last step is to follow a consistent initial watering regimen for the seed and seedlings, and then to maintain a consistent regimen for your young and established turf, as per the recommendations we will make for your particular grass-type and terrain.
  • Ongoing maintenance . . . It is very important to maintain your lawn correctly on an ongoing basis.  Proper mowing, fertilization, weed and insect control are critical.  We can provide these services, or provide recommendations.

  • Cost-effective
  • Less painful


Your main hurdles to a beautiful lawn are compacted soil and heavy thatch. They suffocate your turf inhibiting root growth, and preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the root zone. Thus, your lawn doesn't perform optimally despite other proper cultural practices.  Aeration helps alleviate compaction and break down thatch.  It should be a regular part of your annual lawn maintenance program.
Aeration uses equipment with cylindrical tines designed to penetrate and loosen the soil.  The machines can easily access tight and confined sections of your landscape.  Cores of thatch, soil and grass area actually pulled out of the ground during this process.  The plunging action of the tines opens up the soil, allows grass plants to breathe, permits better utilization of fertilizer, air, and water and promotes a deeper, healthier root system.
  • Increase root access to air, water and nutrients
  • increases the effectiveness of fertilizers
  • Improves drainage
  • provides a better environ ent for overseeding
  • stimulates new growth
  • reduces thatch
  • helps relieve soil compaction


Fall is the time to seed you fescue lawn. Summer heat, drought and disease have taken their toll on fescue lawns, leaving them thin and unsightly.  Tall fescue does not spread and fill in like other grasses such Bermuda and zoysia, so we need to take advantage of the fall weather and fill in the thin and bare areas with new seedlings.   We only use high-quality, improved, turf-type varieties chosen with the specific conditions and considerations of your lawn and landscape in mind.  This decision process is important in any overseeding or renovation project.
Additionally, if you like we can fertilize with a fertilizer specifically formulated for new lawns to help new grass plants off to a healthy, vigorous start.

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Landscape Maintenance Services

Our aim is to partner with you to make your landscape as enjoyable as possible, within the parameters of our partnership. Part of that enjoyment is the lack of stress. By establishing your schedule according to Mother Nature's needs and demands, we remove your need to worry about what needs to be done when.



"Gardener's Gold"
"Compost is often referred to as "Gardener's Gold" because of its ability to help plants grow."

"Leaves in Streams"
"Leaves can be washed into local streams where bacteria can cause the leaves to decay and release phosphorous."