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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

  • caretakers
  • environment
  • customer ease of mind
  • communication
  • simplified interactions

We are caretakers of this planet--a two pronged role. Humans have the responsibility to take care of the planet and its inhabitants. This translates into caring for flora and fauna, but also caring for our fellow humans, whether they be customers, vendors, investors, or employees.

Care for the planet

  • care for plants and animals
  • care for fellow humans

Our Mission

Proudland Landscape Group of Proudland, LLC. is a full-service landscape firm.
We offer a spectrum of services from concept to completion to continuation.
We are based in Gwinnett County and service the Northeast metropolitan Atlanta area.
Proudland has been servicing the Atlanta area since 1997.
We operate from the view that humans have been charged as caretakers of this planet. This role flows to our relationships with other humans. life is organized organically such that it is not only rational but natural to operate with our customers, owners, investors, vendors, partners, and employees interests at heart.
These aims are acheivable through consistent, honest, ethical, dedicated execution with a view to the lessons and directions of mother nature.

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